Public event

Fare niente da qualcosa

Improvvisare, pubblicare, resistere! 

June 28, 2019; 15:30 – 17:30Controra - Oreri Iniziativa Editoriale

Making Nothing Out of Something: Improvising writing and publishing in relation to practices of resistance is the 2018–2019 Open! Coop Academy study group, part of DAI Roaming Academy. After a year of study and intensive gatherings in Arnhem, Epen, St. Erme, Cagliari, Dessau and Berlin, we will share our inquiries and makings with the public.

How can the collective task of writing enhance the singularity of our individual voices, as a social space where political desires can be improvised, embodied and shared? Improvisation as the core of a language for a community yet to come. A community of resistant bodies that perpetually claims its geographical infinitude, its unwritten histories, oppressed traditions, and bastard languages. 

As roaming, gentrifying, squatting, culturally entangled, privileged yet marginalised members of this study group, we take inspiration from activist movements, both historically and contemporary, to self-publish alternatives to the current techno capitalist cultural hegemony. How do we define our tools, methods and ethos to act out a queer possibility, deliberate on our current dislocated locality and post-colonial condition? How can we produce objects that operate as comrades and set the stage for a discussion that can narrate our protests? With Fare niente da qualcosa: improvvisare, pubblicare, resistere! we invite you to join us for a gathering, performance, reading, conversation and exhibition in which we aim to reflect and embody improvisation as ‘a movement, a dehiscence, a quickening’ (Fred Moten, The Universal Machine, Duke University Press, 2018) as a generative yet relational tool for a non-fascist future.

Study group Making Nothing Out of Something: Improvising writing and publishing in relation to practices of resistance  

Students: Sara Benaglia, Saskia Burggraaf, Dorothy Hunter, Flavia Palladino, Nine Postma, Wilf Speller & tutors: Jorinde Seijdel, Florian Göttke, Werker Collective (Rogier Delfos & Marc Roig Blesa). Partner: Open!

Location details

The event starts at 15:30 h on Friday, 28 June 2019 at Controra, Cagliari. Admission is free.

Piazza Dettori, 3, 09124 Cagliari CA, Italy