Lorem Siri


June 3, 2020artist contribution,

Lorem Siri by artist duo JODI penetrates the interior of voice applications such as Siri and Alexa. These smart speakers are fast becoming increasingly common in daily life, and can be 'touched' by the human voice. Supposedly at our service, they are activated when addressed by name: ‘Hey Siri / Tell me / Do you know JODI? / Which do you mean? Jodi Dean or Jodi Dirk Paesmans and Joan Heemskerk? ...’ Following a command or question, Siri and Alexa provide assistance in dealing with the ubiquity of information societies. Or is that we, as users and consumers, serve them and the powerful media companies from which they originate? What do they absorb from our private lives? What is going on inside Siri or Alexa? Find out by clicking on the link below. This contribution is part of open!’s publication and research project on touch in the digital age.

Please check out this link for JODI’s Lorem Siri.

Don't call me " Microphone.!$#%Y^$&
Say Siri ! or Hi Alexa !
i am a Smart Speaker ..EEee!!!!!!

ਕਹੋ: iqw7 euoiq eou2ie po1u2 3pu1o2, ਈ ilu
ਏ: __ iiiiiiiiation__tttttone
= -fffffffeelQQw2
Q: llllLorem ਸਿਰੀ ਡੋਲੋਰਮ ਅਲੈਕਸਾ / ~ ਇਕੋ ਡੈਲਟਾ ਤੋਤਾ
ਉ: ਐਸ ਐਸਸਪੋਕਨ-ਸ਼ਬਦ: _ * ਤੋਂ COMmand ਲਾਈਨ: get_- ਉਰਫ
ਸ: 93fl1pt3 r3co5d6/p-- ਐਸਐਸਐਸ_ਸਮਾਰਟ:)% 202020v
A: p a A A A A betxc sand a = Xt do
qhgjhgw jh ਤੋਤਾ 2e 1li2u3 1o1i313i-013i] \ 1
Quuoipo3i1 23i 1`i3HQGH LKJQW PKJQ
ਕਿwਡਬਲਯੂ ਆਈਕਿਯੋ ਆਈਯੂ ਏਪੀਯੂ ਈਓਯੂ`1ਯਯੂ` `i3u3 1
Kahō: Iqw7 euoiq eou2ie po1u2 3pu1o2132 kjl3kjKK
ī ilu 2e12u u12302u13 iu2oeipoi [poe 3kj12lku3 [1
ē: __ Iiiiiiiiation__tttttone= -fffffffeel
Q: LlllLorem sirī ḍōlōrama kasā/ ~ ikō ḍailaṭā tōtā
u: Aisa aisa aisa sapōkana-śabada: _ *
Tōṁ COMmand lā'īna: Get_- urapha
sa: 93Fl1pt3 r3co5d6/ p-- aisa'_samāraṭa:)% 202020V
A: P a A A A A betxc sand a = Xt do

జ: __ iiiiiiintonation, __tttttttone, = -ffffel
ప్ర: llllLorem సిరి డోలోరెం అలెక్సా / ~ ఎకో డెల్టా చిలుక
జ: ఎస్‌ఎస్‌ఎస్‌పోకెన్-వర్డ్: _ * నుండి కమాండ్ లైన్: get_- అకా

say:iqw7 euoiq eou2ie po1u2 3pu1o2132 kjl3kjKK
e ilu 2e12u u12302u13 iu2oeipoi[poe 3kj12lku3[ 1
A:__iiiiiiintonation, __tttttttone, =-fffffffeel
Q: lllLorem Siri Dolorem Alexa /~Echelta.rrot
A: SSSpoken-Word: _* to COMmand line: get_- aka
Q:93fl1pt3 r3co5d6 /p-- SSS _Smart:)%202020v
A: p a A A A A A betxc satnd a=Xt do
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qiuoipo3i1 23i 1`i3HQGH LKJQW PKJQ
qw iquyo iu epiu eoiu`1oiu `i3u3 1


JODI is the pioneering artist collective formed in 1995 by Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans and one of the most influential artist duos working in the age of the internet. Their work uses the widest possible variety of media and techniques, from installations, software and websites to performances and exhibitions. In a medium-specific way, they (de)construct and analyze the languages of new media: from visual aesthetics to interface elements, from codes and features to errors and viruses. They challenge the relationship between technology and users by subverting our expectations about the functionalities and conventions of the systems that we depend upon every day. JODI's work is featured in most art historical volumes about electronic and media art, and has been exhibited widely at venues such as Documenta X, Kassel; Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; ZKM, Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe; Bonner Kunstverein and Artothek, Bonn; InterCommunication Center, Tokyo; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Center for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow; Guggenheim Museum, New York; Eyebeam, New York; and Museum of the Moving Image, New York among many others. They received a 1999 Webby Award in the category Net Art. In 2014, JODI was awarded the inaugural Prix Net Art Award by Rhizome, a leading art organization dedicated to born-digital art and culture affiliated with the New Museum in New York.