A Precarious Existence

Recetas Urbanas

Recetas Urbanas

November 1, 2009artist contribution,

Recetas Urbanas (Urban Prescriptions), an architecture firm based in Sevilla, was founded in 2001 by Spanish architect Santiago Cirugeda. The firm is devoted to making interventions in the precarious nature of the urban environment. Their aim is to win back public space for the city’s inhabitants by creating ‘urban interventions and situations’, as they call them. Subversive occupations of public space are proposed in the form of portable architecture. These interventions are often on the borders of what is legal and what is not legal.

The editors of Open asked the firm to make a contribution that gives an idea of its practice. On the poster inserted as a separate supplement, Recetas Urbanas presents a selection of the urban interventions they have developed, which are intended to improve the social conditions of the city’s inhabitants in the hope that they can regain control of their environment. All Urban Prescriptions are at the disposal of the public on their website.



Santiago Cirugeda founded the architecture firm Recetas Urbanas in 1995. See further: www.recetasurbanas.net.